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Testimonial“I think one of the reasons we decided to move to uplands we wanted to come into a place where we could build a family of support before we needed assisted living or nursing care, so we could grow and be able to take that family with us.”

"With the people we met, what we saw, and what we were told we knew we had found our home."
-Uplands Village Resident

Testimonial“The location, the beauty of the place and closeness to nature was a very important aspect for me, having lived in Metropolitan areas for most of our lives.”

“In the process of getting ready to retire, start early and visit Uplands. Come here, spend time here and get a sense of what this community is about.”
-Uplands Village Resident


Testimonial“When we were looking for a retirement home, we wanted something affordable, comfortable, a place where there was a sense of community. We were looking for people who shared our values. We found all of that at Uplands.”

“We have the pond, the meadow the woods. It’s a beautiful setting. There are so many activities we can’t do them all.”
-Uplands Village Resident


“There’s a real sense of peace and trust and comfort in living here in this community of people.There all kinds of opportunities for meaningful significant involvments. We often use the motto here, “Not just a place to live but a way of living.” But I say “It’s not just a way of living but a way of thriving.””        

“In retirement you have to have a sense of a meaningful life. That opportunity is here.”
-Uplands Village Resident


Testimonial“Uplands itself has a diverse population in that the people have come from a variety of states and countries around the world. I think that adds to the excitement and the culture of Uplands itself.”

“The staff itself is a group of people that care about the community and care about the individuals who live here. The home health staff is a group that pays attention to the health of the individual and are very observant of what’s going on.”
-Uplands Village Resident


Testimonial“There are a variety of things to do here. There's a yard to work in, I play tennis three mornings a week, and we’re involved with the Cumberland County Playhouse. We volunteer there wearing the red jackets but now and then we go on stage. We find that very rewarding.”
-Uplands Village Resident



Testimonials“The first reason we came was because we have friends here. They told us, "You come here you'll stay". Little did we realize how true that was to be.”

“My suggestion would be for people to come and see the beauty of the area, but more than that to stay and meet the people, because the uniqueness of Uplands is surely with its people.”
-Uplands Village Resident